Sony SRS-XB41 Review: Wireless Speaker For The Party People

Sony has updated its Bluetooth speaker line-up recently. In those updates, Sony SRS-XB41 also got lots of changes in terms of design and equipment. If you are eyeing on Bluetooth speaker it may be the one for you because it got the looks and ruggedness for the ones who want a little party outside. Sony SRS-XB41 never runs out of battery with a 24 Hours of Music play time when LED’s are turned off, it will be sufficient for most of the consumers. In this Sony SRS-XB41 Review, we are going to tell you does this really full fill your needs.

Sony SRS-XB41 Specifications



Output power

13 W


Bluetooth and AUX


58mm Dual


20Hz – 40000Hz





Bluetooth Version 


Battery Backup

24 Hours


1.5 kg

Available Colours

Red, Black, Blue and White


1 Year

What’s In The Box?

The package is pretty simple won’t get more accessories with the box.

  • One Sony SRS-XB41
  • AC Adopter
  • Warranty Card

Design And Sony SRS-XB41 Review

Build quality is outstanding with fabric finishing. On the front side, we can see the LED lines on the top and bottom portion. Under the hood there are two 58mm drivers with two lights along with them, also two lights are placed outside which flashes rapidly.

Physical buttons are placed on the top side of the speakers those are power, playback, volume control and Bluetooth pairing button. On the back side, all the connectors like micro-USB and AUX are hidden inside a rubber casing to protect them from dust and water. There are also some additional like 3.5mm and a USB port to charge other devices.

Three physical buttons are placed there, one for battery level information, one for turning off / on the LEDs and finally WPC button to connect up to 100 Sony SRS-XB41 speakers in stereo mode. The build quality is exceptional for the price point.

It got IP67 water resistance which will protect it from dust and water. Sony SRS-XB41 can be completely submerged under water and it will float on it.


This Bluetooth speaker got lots of features the main one would be Party Booster when you turn this on you can add different sounds to the ongoing song by tapping on different places on the speaker. To enable this feature you just need to double tap on the back side and you can become a DJ in your small party.

Live Mode it can be activated by pressing the live button on top of the speaker and speaker will produce a 3D audio effect. We recommend you to don’t use it because it is power consuming and also sounds a bit dreadful.

Lighting effects love it or hate it, there are so many lights which are on sync with the music playing through speakers. It will be fun during the party nights but if you want to enjoy the music they become a little disturbing. You can also manage how the lights will glow with the Sony Music Center app.

Sound Quality

When you play audio through the speakers it will produce punchy bass and it doesn’t overshadow the mids and vocals. One thing that impresses bass lovers is that punch bass output from the Sony SRS-XB41. In some tracks, the mid range is dominated by the bass. If you turn on the Live mode which will definitely affect the clarity of the songs, but in the mood of the party you will ignore it.

Battery Performance

Massive 24 hours of battery backup, which will fill the most occasions with music mode. Users can get about 18 Hours of battery life with LEDs turned on it will be reduced if the Live mode is turned on. In this department, Sony SRS-XB41 never disappoints.


  • Punchy Bass
  • Excellent Battery
  • The lighting effect is cool


  • Little bit expensive
  • Live mode is not that great


These Speakers are for those who don’t care much about the quality of the music. Sony SRS-XB41 will be a great companion for the people who want just the beats. It can handle anything that you can through at it like dust and water etc. if you are the one who cares about the music quality there are better alternatives with less price tag go for them.

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