Bose Soundsport Free Review: Wireless Earbuds With Premium Price Tag

Searching for the best pair of premium wireless buds for the sports and gym Bose got your back. The company has launched truly wireless earphones calling it as Bose Soundsport Free. These earphones suite for the people who want to enjoy music during the workout session without the disturbance of the cables. These are packed with loads of features like IPX4 rating for sweat and water resistance. In this Bose Soundsport Free Review, we are going to tell you all the specifications and its performance details here so stay with us.

Specifications Of Bose Soundsport Free



Headphone Design

Wireless Buds



Play Back Controls






Battery Backup

5 Hours + 10 Hours with case



Available Colours

Black, Blue and Orrange

What’s in the Box?

Before we get into the full Bose Soundsport Free Review let us tell you what you will get with the package. When you unbox the package you will get the earphones and charging cable.

  • A pair of Bose Soundsport Free
  • USB cable
  • Three pairs of StayHear+ Ear tips
  • Warranty card and user manual
  • There are third party Protective Cases for Bose Soundsport Free

Design And Comfort

When it comes to design these wireless buds look bigger than other brands, passers can easily identify them from a distance because it’s weird looking-ness. These are very durable because they made with hard plastic. They just weigh about 15g, which is pretty light. Because of IPX4, they can perform seamlessly on any workout conditions by withstanding the sweat and some amount of water.

StayHear+ ear tips comes very handy when we wear them they stay in your ears without any problem and must say that most people feel them extremely comfortable for the design. The charging case is also made with strong materials and earbuds stay in the case when you turn them upside down because of the magnetic mechanism.

There are three physical buttons on the right bud two for volume control and another one for pass and play which also can be used to activate voice assistant. On the left bud, you will find one single button which is used to on and of the Bluetooth. You will find it difficult to use the buttons because those are very stiff. There is also single LED light on each of the buds which glows red when the battery is low blue during paring and white after the connection is established.

Bose released these buds in three color options black, orange and Blue. I personally loved the blue one because it looks striking among the three.


Bose Soundsport Free is one of the feature-packed earbuds you will find on the market right now. These become better by the firmware updates provided by the Bose. It has one unique feature if you lost your earbuds in a room you can find them by using find my bud feature in Bose connect+ app. Before you start searching for the buds you need to enable this feature in the app first. If you are searching for earbuds through this feature it makes a loud noise if you can hear that you can find them in the room. We suggest that if you lost one and wearing the other one remove it from your ear before using this feature because it that loud sound can damage your ear.

These earbuds packs 5 Hours of battery life which is pretty good for the wireless buds. With 90% of volume, we can get more than 5 Hours easily. Users can get more back up from rechargeable charging case which provides approximately 10 Hours of charging time, in order to fully charge the Bose Soundsport Free Ear Buds it will take 2 Hours’ time. Once you take them out from the case it will turn on automatically.


The Bluetooth range is 9 meters which is great, once it is connected to a device it stays connected throughout the range. However, during the video playback, the audio will lag a bit, which will be updated in firmware updates.

Sound Quality

Soundsport Free doesn’t completely close the ears with its tips but we can hear a good amount of bass while listening through them. There are no distortions at higher volume levels.  Highs and mid-range sounds very crisp and clear Bose Soundsport Free is by far the best sounding wireless buds. You will definitely satisfy with the audio performance. on the video front, there are issues like audio will be not in sync with the video which is a big shame for the earbuds of this price range, hope bose will update it in a firmware update.

Noise isolation

For the price, we won’t get any noise cancellation which is pretty disappointing. In crowded places like subways, we can clearly hear the outside noise. Right side bud has two mikes, quality during calls is good microphone picks the voices very clearly.


  • Premium Build quality
  • Great Bass
  • Nice audio performance
  • 5 Hours Battery life
  • IPX4 rating


  • Too Expensive
  • Lagging audio during video playback
  • Can hear ambient noise in a loud environment

Final Thoughts On Our Bose Soundsport Free Review:

If you are paying the premium price you will expect more from the buds but Bose tends to price their products higher than the other brands. We can expect the little features like Noise cancellation and fully waterproofing like IPX 68 rating. If you trade off some of these features you will get a good sounding premium build earbuds. Bose has the reputation of producing quality products from this point of view we can expect these earbuds will last longer. If you what same features on less price tag there are Better Alternatives, but if you are willing to pay we won’t stop you go and get your Bose Soundsport Free today.

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