A Simple Guide On How To Make Earbuds Last Longer Than Usual

Nowadays everybody owns a pair of earphones or headphones as their prime accessory. They use them for their hard work out sessions, morning runs and long journeys. There some rugged models which can handle this much of beating but those earphones also need a little bit of care to last longer. Here is the complete guide on How To Make Earbuds Last Longer. The complete procedure is clearly given below, you can apply these steps on your expensive as well as cheap earphones.

How To Prevent Ear Buds From Breaking: Gentle with The Cable

The main and important part of the earphones is the cable if you protect the cable carefully the life span of the weird headphones increases drastically. If the cable is tangled don’t rush yourself you may damage the cable, be careful to untangle the wire. There are so many earphones which come with tangle-free cable finding the right model for you will save you.

By Safe Guarding The Weak Points

Every wired earbuds have a weak point, which will damage very easily. Most of the wired earbuds will damage near the 3.5 mm audio jack. While using the earphones never bend the wire near 3.5 mm jack and don’t put it directly on to your pocket. Don’t remove headphones aggressively be gentle with them, always remove from the pin, not the cable.

Storing Them In The Right Places

After our usage is completed we will throw the Headphones into our backpacks or on our pockets, by doing so we will easily damage the wired earbuds. After removing the cable it is suggested that carefully warp it then put it in your pocket are a storage case. Once the wrapping is completed put a binder clip on them to make tangle free.

Most of the brands providing a storage case with headphones, if you haven’t got one you can find third-party earbuds pouch here. Safely place the earphones where there are less moisture and dust. Never put headphones where there is heat also extreme cold.

Never Sleep With Headphones On

Most people love to take a nap with favorite tunes playing in ears. If you sleep with your earphones on it damages ears and also rollover may damage the wires easily.

Steps To Prevent Drivers From Damaging

Drivers are like the heart of any headphones if you won’t take any care of them they will start producing terrible noises and in the worst case, drives may get damaged. Here is our simple guide to protect your headphones drivers.

Check The Audio Source

Audio source will play a key role in the life span of the earphones, if you play low-quality audio files at higher volumes it may damage the drivers. If you are using any streaming services then stream at high quality which makes a big difference in the listening experience.

Never Play On Full Volume

I know we all love the thump of the beat, but listening to the music at higher volumes will literally damage your headphones as well as your ears. So next time you are going to listen keep the volume levels under 80% and enjoy.

Use Sound Enhancing Apps And Audio DACs

Music players with equalizer support will give a pleasant experience. Play with different settings choose the right equalizer setting that suits you, my personal favorite is Rock I always enjoy the music in this mode only.

Audio DACs will help to enhance the music playback. In the market, there are several portable DAC’s available for mobile phones check Best Mobile Audio DACs Here.

Must Remember These

  • Don’t put earbuds directly in your pockets  
  • Always use Earbuds Pouch
  • Don’t store in dry or wet places 
  • Stop listening in higher volumes (Below 80% Is Recommended) 
  • Often Clean Them Carefully 

Ensure you follow our guide How To Make Earbuds Last Longer, hope your earphones life will increase. What steps do you follow? To ensure your headphones last longer let us know in the comment box below also check our new article top Best Earphones 2019.

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