The Ultimate List Of Best Alexa Speakers 2019

If you are searching for the Best Alexa Speaker probably you own one of the Amazon smart speakers. Alexa is the virtual assistant created by Amazon. Alexa was first used in Echo and Echo dot, these are the smart speakers developed by Amazon and works with an internet connection. By using Alexa enabled smart speakers you can create a to-do list, set alarms, control volume of your smart TV and you can also turn on/off the lights in your house.

How Does Alexa work With Other Brand Speakers?

People nowadays trying to make their homes very smart. Amazon speakers smart enough to fulfill the people’s needs, but they are not capable in some situations. For example, you can ask Alexa to play music but those echo dot speakers are not loud enough, that’s why you need to buy third-party speakers with Alexa built in for ultimate music experience. This is the reason why Amazon has tied up with some third party brands to make Alexa enabled speakers.

In order to work with Alexa, these speakers need at least an Amazon echo dot. There are so many speakers available online from different bands but we shortlisted some of the Best Alexa Speakers you can choose one of these according to your need.

Sonos Play:1

There are plenty of smart speakers in the market but Sonos Play1 stands out with its compact yet rich sound output. It is the best speaker to listen to podcasts and music. What I liked most about this speaker is that it has built-in WI-FI so you can connect multiple speakers and places them across your house and enjoy lose less music. This speaker also works with your play bars, play base and beam.The good thing about this speaker is that with a very simple setup process you can start using it within minutes after your purchase. 

The Ultimate List Of Best Alexa Speakers 2019 1The Ultimate List Of Best Alexa Speakers 2019 2

If you want to use Alexa with this speaker one must purchase amazon echo dot and connect it to Sonos Play1 then it will be the best Alexa speaker. To control the speaker you can use voice commands or Sonos app to control the speaker. Sonos Play1 also has button controls you can play/pause or control the volume with them when you don’t have access to your phone.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Easy to setup
  • Small and Portable


  • Must use two speakers in large rooms
  • No Hi-Res Audio support

Bose SoundTouch 20

This one is a solid performer, Bose has a wide range of smart speakers all of them works like a charm. When it comes to sound it performs very like any other speaker from Bose, it is good enough to fill the entire room, we suggest you go for SoundTouch 20 and SoundTouch 10 Bundle it is the ultimate combo for a smart and Best Sounding Alexa Speaker. Same as Sonos play1 it also needs an Alexa device to work with voice assistance.

The Ultimate List Of Best Alexa Speakers 2019 3The Ultimate List Of Best Alexa Speakers 2019 4

The downsides of the speaker are that it doesn’t support some of the streaming services. It also lacks the Hi-Res audio support.

Volume controls along with six pre-set buttons to tune your favorite podcasts is placed on top of the speaker. Front portion packs an OLED screen which displays song name, time and station name.


  • Good Design
  • Great sound quality


  • No High Res audio support
  • No shortcuts for play/pause

Sonos Play5

The company has upgraded this model recently it is the bigger one in the Sonos Play speaker range and performance also great compared to its predecessor. Design wise it is bigger than the previous Play5, it feels softer and has rounded edges. It is designed in such a way that it can be placed in 3 different orientations and also you can mount it on walls.

The Ultimate List Of Best Alexa Speakers 2019 5The Ultimate List Of Best Alexa Speakers 2019 6

Play5 is good enough to fill an entire room with perfectly tuned 3 woofers inside. The sound output is great throughout all volume ranges.

It has a touch-sensitive music control button, music can be play/pause by tapping on it in order to change the tracks swipe from left to right and right to left. Making connection also very simple with and can control it with Sound touch app.


  • Looks premium and well designed
  • Sound is loud enough to fill big rooms


  • Lacks support of some streaming services

Riva Concert: One Of The Best Alexa Speaker

This is the closest competitor to the Sonos play1, form a distance it is difficult to identify the differences between both of them. Some of the advantages of Riva concert over play1 is that you can use it as outdoor Alexa speaker because it comes with splash resistance and it has optional battery pack which gives over 15 hours play time, so you can use it in outdoors.On top of the Riva, concert music controls are placed and also a functional mute button to mute the voice assistant if not in use. 

The Ultimate List Of Best Alexa Speakers 2019 7The Ultimate List Of Best Alexa Speakers 2019 8

The microphone is also sensitive enough to pick the voice in large rooms. Speaker also sounds phenomenal with Trillium Audio Technology, which produces deep bass and music which can fill an entire room without the help of secondary speaker. It also has a wide range of connectivity features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Aux-Input and more.


  • Wide range of connectivity options
  • Fantastic Microphone sensitivity
  • Supports Hi-Res audio
  • Splash Resistance


  • No support of google assistant
  • Sometimes Wi-Fi connection drops

These are the Best Alexa Enabled Speakers which are available on Amazon, hope our suggestions are helpful to pick your best speaker for Alexa assistance let us know in the comment section below. Also, you can check other stuff on our website we shortlisted some of the great ​Bluetooth Speakers 2019.

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