Best of The Earbud Cases To Protect Your Earphones

We all have one set of beloved earphones we use them for every activity after our work is done we throw them in our bags or pockets, this may damage them and reduce their life span. The only solution to this problem is keeping them in earbud cases, it will keep them tangle free and clean. If you are in search of a perfect case here we shortlisted some of the best earbud pouches, all of these cases are available on Amazon so you can purchase them very easily.

What is the use of earbud carrying case?

  • It will keep them tangle free
  • Safeguard them from external damages and dirt
  • By using a pouch your earphones or headphones their life span may increases.

BUBM Earbud Carrying Case

This case is made of nylon material and looks very premium. Inside there are two storage compartments with mesh cover you can use one for storing earphones and another one for keeping keys or your charger. There is a hand strap attached to it for easy carrying. It comes with two color options black and gray.

ASMOTIM EVA Hard Headphone Case

It is one of the unique case available in the market, this is made of hard supreme quality nylon and it got water resistance too. It is available in 3 different shapes and all of them having two storage compartments. Each one of them can fit apple airpods battery case and still, you can keep your memory cards, pen drives or earphones in another layer. The package comes with a carabiner, so you can hang the earbud case on your backpacks or jeans or as an earbud holder keychain.

Meuxan Earbud Case

The great thing about this pouch is that it is extremely cheap and durable. 8 packs will cost around 12 $ and you will get 8 different colors and also package includes 8 carabineers. One compartment comes with mesh, can store memory cards inside it. There is also 6 case pack you can choose according to your need.

Earbuds Holder

It is very different from every other storage case. Earphones need to wrap around the case and after that flip up the outer shell that’s it they will securely stay inside the case, it can store up to 48″ long cable. these are extremely portable to carry around. Made of high quality silicon makes them last longer. There are plenty of color options to choose from and there is also 2-year warranty for this case.

ELFRhino Earbuds Holder

It is not a storage case it holds the earphones and makes them tangle free. Wrap the wired earphones or the cable around the holder and snap back the metal pin that’s it you are good to go, next time when you want to you use them they will be tangle free. These earbud holders are made of different types of materials like plastic and leather. The only problem with these earphones is that they will be exposed to dust and other particles.

GLCON Portable Hard Case

This earbud case is made of very durable hard EVA materials, like all cases in the above it also has two storage spaces inside. It can fit air pods along with key chains and some memory cards. The company also made the same type of pouches for external hard drives, power banks and there is also a big one which stores all of them.

Catalyst Airpods Case

Searching for the right case for the airpods protective case, here is the one for you. Catalyst Airpods Case has IP67 rating and impact protection form 4 feet which makes it the best protective case for the airpods.  Can easily access the lightning port without removing the case. There is also plenty of colors to choose from.

These are some earbud case which protects your headphones or earphones every day choose the best one for you. Apart form using the case you need to follow some steps to increase your headphones life span check the complete guide here.

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